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13th February 2020
Connected Places Catapult

In a thriving city like London, smart technologies including IoT, wireless systems and 5G enabled ecosystems create unparalleled opportunities for breaking down siloed networks of communication and can transform data into actionable intelligence. Next generation connected technologies enable us to increase speed, efficiency, reliability and security of data transfer among citizens and organisations, and offer the potential to drastically shift the way we live our lives.

The Top 10 Businesses

Blue Mesh Solutions is a Parking Tech that cuts journey times by 10%, saves CO2 and reduces vehicle air pollution in Towns and Cities.
Caura is the payment platform for your car which removes admin& cognitive burden from managing your car, ensuring you never get a fine again.
Cloud Cycle reduces waste, liability & safety issues, whilst improving concrete quality & operations for operators & their customers.
Ioetec secures data generated by resource constrained IoT devices by providing a fully scalable, cost effective communications cloud based SAAS
Kemuri offers independent living via cost-effective tech. Only get alerts when vulnerable people haven't called for help, but need a call ASAP.
Locomizer's innovative tech matches audiences to locations for real estate intelligence, smart urban planning and more.
Mobilized Construction is a leading sensor technology digitizes road networks to accelerate data driven decisions.
Reengen's Energy IoT Platform is a PaaS Analytics Solution for Global Energy & Utilities Industry.
Techsixtyfour is a wearable mobile phone & tracker made for the elderly for indoors and outdoors tracking using patented algorithms.
Wyld Networks scaleable mesh and low-power networking applications mean developers or system integrators can meet customer expectations.

Guest Speaker


Chief Operating Officer - Connected Places Catapult

Neil Fulton

Judging Panel

Christina Russ – Cropped

Director - Samsung NEXT Ventures

Christina Russ

Peter Karney cropped

Head of Product Innovation – Digital Catapult

Peter Karney

richard hadden

Investment Director - Breed Reply

Richard Hadden

Oliver Finch – cropped

Principal - Maersk Growth

Oliver Finch

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