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TechInvest: Clean Tech
Level39, London 
27th March 2019

The 7th event in the Mayor of London’s TechInvest showcased London’s leading Clean Tech Innovators. With London constantly growing as a global urban hub, the Capital has increasing challenges for sustainable growth and effective use of its resources. To meet these growing challenges new digital technologies are needed to offer game-changing solutions that can significantly improve the quality of life for all those who live, work and play in our City. On 27th of March we welcomed 9 cutting-edge businesses harnessing technology and data science to address urban challenges by improving the way we use and interact with resources for a more sustainable future.

Meet The Top 10 Presenting Businesses

Smart home technology that helps reduce energy bills, improve residents thermal comfort & protects occupant health.

Cloud-based platform that holistically tracks, monitors, and predicts project environmental risk through real-time data & machine learning

Customisable software platform that provides data-driven solutions to supercharge fuel efficiency, maximize profits & protect the environment.

Data-focused air & noise pollution monitoring to drive interventions based on live data to reduce road transport pollution.

Clean energy ownership platform enabling consumers to part-own large-scale wind farms that supply their home /business with zero carbon electricity.

Sustainable packaging using natural materials extracted from plants & seaweed to create flexible packaging with low environmental impact.

Flexible conversion kit that transforms 99% of standard road bikes into state-of-the-art electronic bikes for a fraction of the market cost.

Biotech company tackling air purification in professional environments through freestanding air purification units that capture & destroy contaminants.

3D printed pure carbon, offering end-user applications within Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical & Electronic industries using renewable waste products

Meet Our TechInvest Clean Tech Judges 


Innovation Funding Team Manager - Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Saffron Myhill-Hunt


Investment Director - Sustainable Ventures

Susannah McClintock

Simon A

Executive Director - Green Angel Syndicate

Simon Acland

Foto: <a href="">Stephan Röhl</a>

Founder & Managing Partner - Cleantech Capital Advisors Ltd (CCA)

Ben Lynch


Investment Director - Octopus Energy Investments

Chris Gaydon

Liv Sibony profile Kimber portrait Sept 2018

Head of SeedTribe

Olivia Sibony

Meet Our TechInvest Health Tech Guest Speakers

Simon A

Executive Director - Green Angels Syndicate

Simon Acland


Head of Level 39

Ben Brabyn



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